Next Generation Windows 10 Teased- What’s Coming New

According to confirmation from CEO Satya Nadella, the Microsoft is working on a new and next generation of Windows 10, that includes a new design which is named to be “Sun Valley” and is expected to release later this year.

According to his explanation, “Windows is implicit” and “It’s never been more important.” He also highlighted the achievements of Windows and how the developers are creating new features for a large number of Windows user base to allow them to work, learn, connect and play with a new features.

Here’s what the Nadella said during Build 2021 conference, “Windows brings together all developer and collaboration tools in one place. It lets you choose the hardware you want, works with Linux and Windows as one, and has a modern terminal. And soon we will share one of the most significant updates to Windows of the past decade to unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators.”

The Microsoft Employes including Nadella have been self hosting the preview build of the next generation of Windows, which is expected be released in June for testers.

While speaking about the new update, actually the new upcoming version is named as “21H2” and will include improved File Explorer, Start Menu, Action Center, Taskbar and many other important elements as well.

With the release of Sun Valley update, the company is planning to improve its legacy apps and settings and the modern features from Windows 8-era. For an instance, the new update can improve existing File Explorer with dark mode support for pop up menus.

Also, the company has confirmed through some sources that it’s exploring new design ideas of app buttons, elements, list view, buttons, sliders, etc.

For the new Sun Valley update, the company is using WinUI, actually a new user interface layer which includes modern controls and styles. This new user interface is not actually a replacement for Fluent design, but is supposed to improve the overall experience by enabling support fopr same UI elements over legacy or modern platforms.

Finally, the Windows 10 Sun Valley update is likely to hit the RTM status in June 2021, however this release will not reach people until October.