Windows Developer Event Is Announced On 24th June

Reportedly, The tech giant company Microsoft has announced a Windows developer event on 24th June, and this event is expected to reveal new programming API or Microsoft Store changes.

Actually, the Microsoft has announced earlier this month that they would be holding an special even on 24th June to unveil their next generation of Windows operating system.

After this announcement, most of the people are looking for clues regarding the next successor of Windows 10.

Even this week, a preview build of Windows 11 was leaked online, that offered confirmed new name of operating system along with various new features which are to upcome.

Based on a tweet from Microsoft’s Windows Developer’s Twitter’s account, they have a second event to be held on 24th June, and this event is to be hosted on Youtube and is aimed to Windows developers.

However, there’s currently no information regarding what will be discussed in the developer event, but it’s likely to include information about new upcoming changes in Microsoft Store, how to submit and design apps, and possibly new Windows APIs introduced with Windows 11.